Journey’s End

February 12, 2010

Read it directly from Bionicle Portal:


Bionicle will be Replaced by Hero Factory

February 1, 2010



”Disapointing”, lego won’t do anything new, most of the the pieces are going to be the same as Bionicle’s.

The Hero concept is strange, since they are not built in factories.

The Design is ”the same old lego thing”, allways using the same pieces, can’t they just improve or something?

The Characters have a good design the names are odd, but the colors seem atractive…

Bionicle Stars Commercial

January 30, 2010

Keep Bionicle Alive Petition

January 3, 2010



Tahu’s visit to Springfield

November 8, 2009

Tahus Visit To Springfield

View the photos here

New Comic Valley of Fear

November 3, 2009

New Comic coming up, here it is:


October 25, 2009

The bionicle Portal popularity reached more 10%